Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Long and Satisfying Stay in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

 Sonja, helping me pack for our winter migration to Arizona

When I haven't blogged for a while, it kind of feels like entering the confessional.  So many reasons and excuses, or, as my friend Janice says, "Blah, blah, blah, Sparky."

I guess what it comes down to is that I haven't gone anywhere for a long time, except short trips to Las Cruces to take a friend to a medical appointment or some other errand.  I've been here in Truth or Consequences, NM, for about five months, staying at the Artesian Bath-House and Trailer Court.  Sometimes I don't think I have anything to say unless I can show you pictures of where I've been.

I've stayed busy! When I posted in August, I had just hung a Mostly Mandalas solo art show at the Happy Belly Deli.  That show was well appreciated--the walls at the Deli were freshly painted a sunny yellow and my work was all very cheerful.  Most everybody seemed to like it on the Deli's walls, though, rather than their own walls at home.  

People are showing more monetary appreciation for my latest show, though!  I spent a couple of months painting and collaging works for another Happy Belly Deli solo show that went up this month.  It is called Entree:  Mixed-Media Images About Women and Food.  In today's blog, I can show you pictures of where I've my head:

 Hot Mama, Mixed Media on a Bamboo Tray
 Cut Out Yo-Yo Dieting
Mixed Media on a Brass Tray
 Home Economics
Mixed Media on a Metal Tray
 Kitchen Shiva
Acrylics on a Tin Tray
 Ranch Dressing
Acrylics on a Tin Tray
 You Look Marvelous, Darling!
Mixed Media on a Mirror
 She Asked for a Sign (with close-up)
Acrylics on a Tin Tray
 Three Sisters
Mixed Media on a Bamboo Tray
What'll It Be, Hon?
Acrylics on a Tin Tray

In between painting these pictures (among others that I didn't photograph), selling vintage designer scarves on eBay, and hunting up antiques to sell at January's, I have had a very active social life this fall.  My ambulatory Anatidaen friend Roxanne visited TorC for several months, house and cat sitting for Annie Whitney, a local salvemaker.  While Roxanne was here, there were many games of Scrabble and Quiddler to be played and much food to be eaten and many cups of coffee to be drunk at both Passion Pie Cafe and Black Cat Coffee & Books, often in the company of Janice and a new friend, Tina, who is another adventurous woman living the dream in her RV.  Sometimes we went outside, too.

Another time-sucker this autumn was finally getting the Guppy sold.  The plan to sell to an online friend did not pan out, so I listed the Guppy on eBay.  There were not very many bidders who were interested in driving to the Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico, to pick up an old RV, but I did manage to get her sold to a lady from Texas at a few hundred dollars over my rock-bottom price.  Next time I'm selling an RV, I'll drive to San Diego and get what it's worth there!

A matter that took a great deal of emotional energy this fall was my mom's death.  She was 95 years old and had needed around-the-clock care for the past nine years due to Alzheimers.  My sister Sharon was Mom's caretaker all these years and did a marvelous job of being compassionate and kind, often in difficult circumstances.  Mom finally let go in September, and my siblings and I gathered in Minneapolis for a memorial service in early November.  I didn't drive my RV up there--I thought about it, but with my various art show commitments here, it seemed smarter to fly up for just a few days. 

Now that my Entree show is hung, I am spending November getting geared up to finally leave TorC.  I'm listing lots of scarves on eBay, because this is the best time of year to sell 'em, and I'm using my new sewing machine to make fun patchwork pot holders (pics in my next blog post) to sell at January's for the holiday season.  I'm also working on getting my minivan, which I've used here in TorC for the past couple of years, sold so I can replace it with a smaller vehicle to tow behind the Beluga.  I'll get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my friends here at the home of Misha, the most fabulous choclatier you could ever hope to meet.   

I'll be heading to Why, Arizona, to spend most of the winter with Steve and his coyotes and wild burros.  As much as I enjoy my more active social life here, I'm also looking forward to the quiet.  I have committed to doing three solo art shows in 2014 and it will be good to have lots of uninterrupted time to work.   

Just in case you've always wondered where lost socks go, here is the answer, which I painted for a Space-Portal exhibit at Grapes Gallery:

The Planet of Lost Socks
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches