Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Guppy Made It Up the Big Hill!

My friend Mikey a/k/a CocoPuff

Wednesday, March 8, 2011 - Santa Cruz Public Library

After a 15-day delay in San Francisco due to engine and accelerator problems, I finally made it to Santa Cruz and got to meet my long-time PseudoBabble online friend, Mike Thurber. What a delight! Mikey is smart, funny, and a lot of fun to talk to. My only regret is that, because of the delay and money-letting in San Francisco, I'm not going to stay for several nights in Santa Cruz as I had originally planned, so I won't get a chance to meet Stacy, who was at work today. Mikey and I had a nice time. He helped me find the post office, where I had some General Delivery mail waiting for me, and we went to coffee at a fun surfer/diver-themed indy coffee shop called Fins.

Last night I stayed at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, which has a small RV park. It was a pleasant setting, but expensive and offering few services, so I just stayed the one night. The best part of last night was just being back in The Guppy with my cat, Sonja. We had been apart too long and really missed each other.

I dropped Mike back off at his house after we had coffee,and now I'm back in downtown Santa Cruz using the Internet at the library. I will also probably hit a couple of thrift stores here to find eBay inventory. Then I'm going to move to on down the road. I'm probably going to stay at one of the inexpensive ($13 a night during off season) State Parks in Big Sur tonight. They don't have hookups, but they have showers! Then I'll probably spend a night or two at a fancier campground down near Pismo Beach--I joined a couple of membership campground clubs, so I occasionally can stay at really nice resorts for a minimal price.

This last picture is Sonja, checking out the provisions. I'm sure she is wondering, "Where is the Fancy Food, like they served me at the kitty hotel in San Francisco?"


  1. So relieved that you're back in the saddle again, Sue. I was starting to think there was some bad juju going on. Sonja looks none the worse for wear. Did she settle back in to the Guppy without any issue?

  2. On the road again...just can't to get on the road again...


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  5. It would be really cool if all of the Facebook babblers could meet for a big get together. Glad you're having a good trip, finally!

  6. Sonja's doing okay in the Guppy, Marcy. She isn't thrilled with this lifestyle, but you know cats have lived with their people in lots of unusual settings over the centuries and I'm not too worried about her ability to eventually adjust.