Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm Going Back to Truth or Consequences

Wow, did I ever have a great time in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I stayed there over a week, at a humble old RV park and hot springs spa built in the 1930s. The little downtown in TorC, as everyone here calls it, has a historic hot springs area with many little hotels, rental cabins, RV parks, etc. You can go sit in a nice hot mineral water bath for as little as $2.50 an hour, or much more if you choose one of the fancier spas. I've been meaning to email all of my friends up north and say, "Hey, this is the place to vacation! Inexpensive, relaxed, warm, nice people, etc., etc."

I also got to spend time with new friends in TorC. I'd previously met Brian, a member of the VanDwellers Yahoo group, online and we'd exchanged emails and phone calls. It was really great to meet him in person, and to also get acquainted with Brian's friend Paul, who was visiting from Colorado. We shared some great meals and conversation.

Of all the places I've visited so far in my 2-month journey, TorC has the most "Come Back Next Winter" appeal to me. I could definitely see myself setting up a new mosaic studio under a carport in the sunshine. Also maybe helping some of the many creative folks in town get their artwork sold online. And definitely sitting in those spas every day! I checked out the local AA meetings, and there are a surprising number of them for such a small community. I guess that's part of what I like about TorC--the surprises of it. Like accidentally walking in on a reading by local poets at the bookstore, which is only open on weekends. I kept asking myself all week, how can this little town be so sleepy and yet so vibrant at the same time? And it's surrounded by a great deal of natural beauty, plus it's a great base for exploring some national parks and other nearby destinations.

One of the nice things about being in one place for a while was getting a little more interior decoration done on the Guppy. I had plain foam rubber cushions on the dinette until I got to TorC, but now they are covered with a bamboo pattern fabric. Slowly but surely, things are coming together, and I continue to get more comfortable with the mobile lifestyle.

I left TorC this morning and meandered down to El Paso, stopping to shop at a swap meet, a gas station, an antique store, and a Camping World before parking at a Walmart for the night. Tomorrow I start my way east across Texas. I plan to stay off the main freeway, I-10, as much as possible and take a more southerly route on Hwy 90. My next major stop is San Antonio, and I definitely need to call my dear childhood friend Lise to let her know my arrival is a few days hence.


  1. I'll be in San Antonio the end of May, first week of June. Post where you are staying, I need to find somewhere to stay, other than my daughter's inlaws driveway.

  2. Are there any boondocking opportunities there? I keep reading about this town, and it may be my style.

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. TOC sounds marvelous. You talked me into it!

  4. Roxanne, I only found out about one boondocking place, which was right in town near the Rotary Park on the Rio Grande. Brian told me people can get away with staying there a few nights without the police shooing them away. The RV parks are incredibly cheap. Mine was $65 plus electricity for the week, and I got my spas for half-off.

  5. Teri, I'm going to be staying in my friends' driveway, so I don't have a place in San Antonio to recommend, sorry.

  6. T or C sounds great. Minne Minerva (Susan) workamped there, and her posts were very positive about the area, too. I'd like to visit there when I'm on the road. And I love the weekly price! :)
    Your dinette cushions look REALLY nice. You did a great job.

  7. Sue, I've spent several winters in that area (I noticed that your photo of your new friends was taken in the wonderful Café BellaLuca!), but not in Truth or Consequences. I prefer Elephant Butte Lake State Park, just a few miles away. Advantages: lovely views, and if you have the NM annual camping permit, it costs $4 a night including water and electricity... and you can stay up to three weeks at a stretch!

    In fact, the NM state parks offer the best and cheapest camping deal anywhere. The annual pass costs $225 for nonresidents, and pays for itself in the first three weeks. For more info, see my "New Mexico State Parks Pocket Guide" website:

    ... and click or tap the asterisk icon for more information. Happy trails! :-)