Friday, June 17, 2011

Head 'em Up & Move 'em Out

Well, I've been in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, for a week and a day now, and I now have a new sales line on eBay: Funky Western Wear. For the past couple of years, I've focused on selling textiles, particularly vintage silk designer scarves, but I probably won't be finding a lot of this sort of inventory around here. So, as they say, it's easier to plow when you go around the stump. What I can find here in the TorC thrift shops is Western wear, so that's what I'm gonna sell.

I'm settling into a simple life here. I've already met almost all of the other AA oldtimers in town and I'm going to meetings a lot more frequently than I could while on the road. I'm also becoming a regular at Black Cat Books & Coffee. So far it hasn't cost me anything to drink coffee there, because I keep bringing in books that they give me credit for. I've met a few new acquaintances there, and I've attended the monthly poetry reading, which has inspired me to write a couple of poems.

I have The Guppy hooked up at an RV park that's right downtown, so I'm able to walk almost everywhere I want or need to go. I'm on the lookout for a bicycle that will extend my range a little bit. I'm planning to unhook my motorhome about once a month to go on an exploring and buying trip to other towns. I'll need to venture outside TorC a bit in order to find sufficient eBay inventory and mosaic supplies.

So far, I haven't had any hankerings to get out of town. I'm enjoying just finding out about and participating in things that are going on around here. In addition to AA and the poetry reading, I've been to the Art Hop, the movie theater, the library, the grocery store, the variety store, and the post office (I have a P.O. box!).

Tomorrow I'm going to the Farmers Market, a place where I may eventually sell some artwork. I also have a lead on some possible studio/gallery space. There's no hurry on this, though--I sold and gave away all of my mosaic supplies before leaving Oregon, keeping only my tools, so it will be a while before I have any finished pieces to sell.

So that's the news from TorC...where the slogan you're most likely to see on T-shirts is, "We're all here because we're not all there."


  1. I recently needed western wear and had to go out and find it!!! Love your stuff!!!

  2. Love it! You're sounding wonderfully happy, too.

  3. Great slogan, and good finds!


  4. This place sounds like a good fit, Sue. Can't wait to hear more.