Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day 2011

Godzilla guarding the garden in Old Glory garb

I was remembering today that when I was a child, my mother would sometimes say I was "independent" with a tone suggesting that this was not a compliment. I think she meant independent as in strong-willed, obstinate, or arrogant.

I am still these things today, but I am working to have more of the positive characteristics of independence, of which there are many: self-confidence, self-sufficiency, dignity, worthiness, composure, self-discipline, etc.

However, I seem to be falling into the habit of slow-moving indolence that is characteristic of many folks in Truth or Consequences. Between having morning coffee, doing some journaling, taking a midday siesta, watching the cats and hummingbirds in the garden, and maybe fitting in an evening soak at one of the local hot springs spas, it is easy to have an entire day go by with little to show for it. I've had "list stuff on eBay" on my to-do list all week and nothing has gotten listed.

Sunflower with climbing morning glory, just outside my window

But today is another day, and I have been consciously building some new habits for myself. I'm working some art-making into every day. Since I moved to my apartment, I've enjoyed relaxing in my own digs and it's sometimes difficult to push myself out the door to take a walk. So recently I packed my sketchbook and drawing pencils into a tote bag, and every morning I go to the Rio Grande and do a page of sketches. Mostly I've been finding lots of big carp feeding close to the riverbank, so I've been getting familiar with their characteristics, and eventually I will probably do some mosaic images of fish. I have also started doing some simple mosaics, mostly household items for my new apartment such as trivets and candle stands. And I'm tearing lots of images out of the free magazines I find up at the library to use in making collage, altered books, shrines, etc.

The bedroom end of one of my two rooms

There is lots to do to get my house in order. I still have to unpack and find places for all of my art supplies. I will probably continue to keep some eBay inventory and my vintage fabrics in Rubbermaid totes, but I think I'll switch them out to a smaller size that will fit under my platform bed. I have some original artwork by friends and family stored in Oregon that I'd like to get sent down here now that I have some wall space again. And, while I don't want to go overboard, I do have room for more stuff here than I did in the Guppy, so I will probably eventually get some sort of stereo and other creature comforts that I've done without for a while. I need lots of other smaller things, such as baskets for organizing art supplies, cleaning supplies, electronic chargers, etc. Eventually it will come together.

The kitchen end of my other room

Now that I'm in one place all the time, I'm much more interested in cooking again. I never used the oven in the Guppy, but this week I've baked cornbread and cookies for social events, and I roasted a whole chicken last night. This morning I went onto Amazon and ordered a handheld Cuisinart blender and an old-fashioned stainless steel malt cup so I can make healthy smoothies for breakfast. I also want a waffle maker and a compact microwave oven, but I'm going to hold off on those until I find a really good deal. (I'm getting my blender for 87 cents--with free shipping!-- by using the bonus points from my Amazon credit card.)

I had a great time going to the fireworks out at Elephant Butte State Park on Saturday night with several women friends. We escaped the crowds by not going into the park itself and just parking in an empty lot in the town of Elephant Butte. My homemade peanut butter cookies were a hit with the gals!

Sonja and her frenemy clone Abigail--Can you tell which is which?

I don't think I'll be doing much to celebrate the 4th, except maybe to grill some turkey hot dogs here at home. From what I've heard, it's a good day to stay off the road due to drunk drivers. So I am determined that today I will get "list stuff on eBay" checked off of my list, right after siesta time...


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, you've made a lot of changes lately and need time to adjust.

  2. Can't wait to see some of your fish art. You sound content. That's good.

  3. TorC is a town where this sort of lifestyle is smiled upon? Hold on, we're warming the Duck up NOW.

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. Absolutely, Roxanne! I am one of the most industrious people in town...well, between naps, that is.

  5. I'm with you guys... a town that promotes ... slow-moving indolence ... hah