Friday, July 5, 2013

More Fantasy Road Sign Paintings, and a Change in Plans

 Dog Park, 14 x 18 inches, acrylic on canvas

When we left Truth or Consequences, NM, about six weeks ago, the plan was to be gone all summer.  And, less than a week ago, I wrote a blog post in which I was pretty excited about finding a couple more places to stay up here in the White Mountains of northern Arizona.

Well.  Stuff happens.  I got a call from the used car lot in TorC where I'd consigned my old Toyota Dolphin motorhome, and they were going out of business.  So my friend Brian Many Wheels went to pick up the Guppy and took it to another friend's house for storage.

I debated whether to cut our travels short and go back to sell the Guppy.  Then a potential buyer popped up--her family has previously owned Dolphins, and they want to take a look at mine.  So it seemed like a good idea to head back that way and see if this can happen.  If not this particular party, then we can do try Craigslist.  Either way, I will hopefully have some money to put towards paying off my new rig.

Now I'll be able to deliver my fantasy road sign series of paintings in person to Grapes Gallery in TorC, rather than mailing it.  And I can keep working on this series right up until the work gets hung next Thursday.  I have new ideas all the time, and friends have been contributing ideas, too!

Expect Delays, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas.  SOLD

I've been posting pictures of the paintings on FaceBook as I finish them, and three have sold already.  Two of these will be hung in the gallery with NFS or Sold signs next to them.  What fun it is to paint these weird things from my imagination and have them be so appreciated!

Right after I posted my last blog entry, I had the pleasure of a visit by Roxanne, who was passing through the area on her way to see her cousins in Flagstaff.  The visit was short, but sweet.  We took a little spin around the Lakeside-Pinetop area to look at various campgrounds where Roxanne could stay in the Spud, and I really enjoyed seeing Scott Reservoir, which is off the bus route that I've been pretty much limited to recently.  

Steve and I are driving back to TorC on Sunday.  So we're doing a few special things these last few days up here--dinner at Red Devil Pizza tonight, and I'm been asked to be the speaker at an AA meeting tomorrow.  Now that the decision has been made to head back to TorC, I'm excited about it and am looking forward to seeing my friends and returning to my activities there.     


  1. It's fun to leave, and great to go back. I'm so glad we got to connect somewhere or another along the path! And, I LOVE "Expect Delays." Hilarious. This series has been brilliant.


    1. Thank you, Roxanne. I'm glad you're enjoying the paintings. They are very fun to paint. When I get back to TorC, I'm going to start looking into getting some prints and cards made.

      I hope we get to see each other again soon. In the meantime, I have been so enjoying our online chats.

    2. Weird--I replied to this comment yesterday, but it didn't "take." Anyhow, thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying this series of paintings. I'm sure having fun making them.

      And it was great to connect, and I hope it's not too long before we get to see each other again. I so enjoy our visits, whether they're in person or chatting online.

  2. Oh! I love "Dog Park" too! People allowed on leashes.

  3. So glad to have found you through Roxanne. Love, love, love the paintings. What a fun concept for a series!

  4. Great paintings! So clever!! I watched the entire retinue of Red Devil commercials; they're cute and clever. Where did they find so many redheads? The restaurant was highly recommended when we were there, but we never managed to get there. Look forward to your review!

  5. I like Red Devil. We went there twice--on our first night in Pinetop and then again tonight. (We tried last night, but it was packed!) I've only had one item on the menu--the meatball sandwich. It was so good the first time I went there, I ordered it again. Steve loved the lasagna.