Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Was Interviewed for the eBay Scavengers Podcast!

A few days ago, I had a really nice time talking on the phone with Jay and Ryanne Dedman, the eBay Scavengers.  They are really nice folks who moved to a rural area where living was cheaper, and they make their living by selling stuff they find at auctions, yard sales and thrift stores.  They also grow some of their food and make things, and they're friends with my friends Wendy and Mikey of Holy Scrap and Good Life Lab fame.

Our phone call was recorded and edited and became the Scavengers' latest blog and podcast post (#91).  For about two years, the Scavengers have been blogging about all different aspects of eBay selling--where to find inventory, how to sell, how to pack and ship, etc. A lot of their blogs and podcasts are about the eBay selling lifestyle, and they've featured Wendy and Mikey in several.  For easy reference, there's an topical index.  

Jay, Ryanne and I specifically talked about my eBay business, operated out of the Beluga, a 35-foot Class A motorhome.  They wanted to know where I find my inventory, how I decided to concentrate on selling vintage scarves, how I ship while I'm on the road, etc.  The podcast lasts about 20 minutes and I hope anyone who is considering selling on eBay while traveling will find it helpful.  (I'm also working on a book, but it is not finished--you will definitely be able to read all about it here when it is published!)  To activate the podcast, just click on the "Play" triangle button that's under the photo of my RV. 


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  1. Yeah, we enjoyed talking to you. Making money is definitely the missing puzzle piece for anyone wanting to go "independent." We like your solution.