Saturday, November 13, 2010

Revised Expectations

About a week ago, when my 18-year-old kid expressed interest in going to the local community college, I got really excited about the prospect of getting on the road as soon as I can get the kid situated in an maybe around the end of December.

This week, it occurred to me that that's less than two months away, and I have a lot to get accomplished before I can take off. The main thing is, of course, getting rid of stuff. I've already decluttered twice in the past year--first when I left my husband and moved from a 3400 sf suburban house to a 700 sf rental house, then again several months later when my kid moved in with me.

Thank goodness I don't have heavy sentimental attachment to things. I will be sad to let go of a few things, but really my most precious items are journal, a few books, musical instruments, the cat, etc. The biggest things I'll be bringing with me are the things I need to make a living--a laptop, portable printer, an inventory of vintage linens, some art supplies, and a sewing machine.

Even so, there's still lots of stuff to part with! And I'm also not sure that having my kid get into school and an apartment are going to be a slam-dunk. So, I've decided for my own peace of mind that leaving to live on the road full-time by the end of December would be optimal, but it's okay if it takes me longer.

I'm glad I decided to cut myself some slack on the date I'll plan to get going, because I was driving myself nuts! Now I can relax and not feel like I need to spend every minute getting myself on the way. As a result, I've decided to take a little trip up to Seattle to visit friends next weekend. I'm glad I have a chance to get up there, because once I hit the road, I'll be going SOUTH!

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