Monday, November 15, 2010

Steps Towards My Goal

Although I don't know when I'll be able to hit the road, I'm working on a lot of aspects of being able to leave...

*Twelve bags of clothing and kitchen stuff went to the thrift store last week.

*I'm accumulating boxes of books in my car that are going to the used bookstore first, then whatever is left over can be given away.

*I'm getting my bulk foods put into unbreakable storage containers, such as tins, Tupperware, etc.

*I'm getting ready to sell the car. I'll get it an oil change before we go to Seattle this week, and then when we get back, I'll put it on Craigslist.

*I'll be closing up my antique store space in Seattle while I'm up there.

*After doing a lot of research and finding a great bargain, I purchased a campground membership that allows me to use all of the campgrounds in the Coast to Coast and Resort Parks International networks for $10 per night. This will give me some places to clean up, catch up on laundry, etc., all over the country, at less than the usual $40 or so that these resort-style campgrounds usually charge per night.

*I've signed up for a table at the flea market near my home for a weekend in December, to get rid of lots of household stuff, furniture, etc.

*I've begun to turn over various volunteer jobs to new people.

*I got a pet stroller for my cat so, theoretically, I can take her outside of the motorhome without losing her...but we'll see about that! I tried making her into a cat that can go outside on a leash, and that was a dismal failure.

Overall, my approach these days is to think things through as I do them and visualize what it will be like to be doing them in the motorhome. This is guiding me in what I should keep, get rid of, replace, etc.

There are some experienced full-timers amongst my blog followers...I'll welcome whatever comments you have that will help me with this process! Thanks!

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