Thursday, April 5, 2012

Selling Off My Excess Inventory

Be honest with me--Does this chair make me look fat?

Two blog posts in two days! It must be spring! I must be getting invigorated. Maybe it's that big nearly full moon.

Last night I was on the phone with Steve, who is visiting family in Tucson, and I had to put down the phone and close the door because my cat Sonja was trying her darnedest to get out the screen door and play in the moonlight with the coyotes and other creatures of the night.

I spent most of today putting box lots of 50 scarves each out on the kitchen table so I could photograph them. I got the photos all taken, uploaded, and cropped, and then I wrote up the auction descriptions and launched them. I'm offering a total of 400 scarves (8 lots of 50 each) on eBay at bargain prices. My hope is to have less stuff to take back to New Mexico, as well as having a little traveling money.

Normally I list scarves individually. But sometimes they don't sell right away and I have to decide whether to re-list them individually or save them up and sell them in lots like I'm doing today. I also include scarves in these lots that I chose not to list for one reason or another--maybe a minor condition problem or maybe I just am not that impressed with the scarf and I'm not sure it's worth selling on its own.

I am always glad to get some return on my investment when I sell these lots. I am probably going to sell these scarves at a loss, when you consider what I paid for them and how much it costs me to list them online. Then there's the value of my time--huh! Sometimes it's best not to think about that! I had a couple of self-employed friends over last weekend, and we all agreed we probably work for 35 cents an hour. But, regardless, I'll be glad to get something for these scarves, rather than having to just give them back to a charity thrift store.

I'm one day closer to getting back to TorC, and getting these scarves listed felt great. Hurrah!


  1. Are these 400 the balance of the collection? You should include a picture of the prettied-up man cave.

  2. Oooh, that's a great idea, to include pics from my redecorating projects! Thank you!

    These 400 are the ones that I figured weren't worth my time to sell individually--most of them are synthetics rather than silk. They are mostly scarves that were part of the huge collection I recently bought.

    I probably have another 300 to 400 scarves from this lady's collection that I'll be listing on eBay, individually, over time. I've got my sellable inventory down to just one Rubbermaid tote and a couple of boxes, one of which I think I may leave here in Why.

    I am constantly in the process of buying more. I just won three eBay auctions within the last 24 hours. They were all box lots similar to what I'm selling, but a higher quality. I'll be able to "cherry pick" the best scarves for individual resale, then resell the rest in a future box lot.

  3. HI, Sue! I just gave you a Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog.

  4. Good luck! I just welcomed you & plugged your blog on my page.

  5. Oh & Sonja, do NOT play with those funny looking desert dogs! Never.