Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back in Truth or Consequences

VW Bus John, Many Wheels Brian and Blogless Steve

It's been a month since I blogged, and what a month it's been!  I spent the beginning of April getting ready to leave Why, Arizona, and head back to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  Because I could leave some things in storage at Steve's place, I didn't have to carry everything I own with me in The Guppy, for the first time since I left Oregon about 15 months go.  So I made a lot of little decisions about which clothes and art supplies and so on to bring with me and which to leave.  It was nice to be able to travel lighter.

Steve and I spent a night at an RV park in Willcox, Arizona, en route to TorC, and then we lived in The Guppy at the Artesian Bath House & Trailer Court in downtown TorC for about two weeks.  We weren't sure whether we wanted to rent an apartment this year or not.  Last year we both paid a lot of rent and it seemed like it might be a good idea to just stay in my little motorhome and spend our money on gas money to travel around instead of getting tied down with an apartment.

But, after two weeks of close quarters, we were ready to rent a place.  We got along great, and we'll definitely use The Guppy for some future travels, but for every day living, we need more space.  I like to spread out to to my eBay work and my artwork.  Steve likes to have a little space where he can watch a movie, read, or take a nap.  

 My good friend Gretchen

I was visiting my friend January the other day at her gallery while delivering my first batch of mandala greeting cards, and she mentioned there was an apartment across the street over another store.  We checked it out and loved it, so we rented it immediately and moved in the next day.  Yesterday we already had our first little coffee party here.  Several friends joined us to watch the Fiesta Parade, since we live right on Broadway, the main drag through TorC.  It was a blast!  We hung out of the windows and stood on the roof next-door and enjoyed a bird's eye view of the parade and of the other people watching the parade.

The apartment is great--two bedrooms, hardwood floors, and tons of old-fashioned character.  We have windows and doors that open to a false balcony over Broadway, so we get lots of breeze and can watch the town wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night.  I love it!  

 Sonja is right at home in the new place

I feel really energized here.  I've been drawing mandalas like crazy and have gotten the first dozen greeting cards into January's gallery with another dozen almost ready to go.  Since getting back to town, I've already joined the local artists' salon and volunteered to help find sponsors for the yearly artists' directory.   I've returned to work just a little bit at La Paloma Spa.  I have some writing commitments and a couple of business ideas, including making a Truth or Consequences coloring book!

Before I get very settled into my business endeavors here in TorC, I'm heading off to Seattle to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks.  Air fares have been a bargain recently, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to go visit my friend Helen who had knee replacement surgery last week, as well as my son Sly.  Helen has been working out at the gym for the past couple of years, and she's in such good shape physically that she probably won't really need much help from me in her recovery, but hopefully I can at least drive her to doctor's appointments and physical therapy until she's ready to drive herself.   Sly will be busy with a barista job training program most of the time I'm there, but I'm sure we'll get to hang out a few evenings and on weekends.  I'll get to see a few other friends while in Seattle, but I'm mostly going to concentrate on Helen, Sly, and my eBay business.  Seattle has fabulous thrift stores!  And I'll have time while hanging with Helen to iron and photograph scarves and get them listed online.  I'll probably write my next blog entry in Seattle.

 Andrea, Lynn, Judi and Chris

I can't quit this one until I mention what a great time I had meeting some of the members of my WomenGoSolo RVing group that were all staying out at Elephant Butte State Park, about five miles from TorC.   I'm so glad we had the opportunity to get together.  Not shown in this picture is my friend Metta, who has been living in her Class A in and around TorC for the past eight months or so and who recently joined the WGS group.  Both Metta and Judi are now working as camp hosts at Elephant Butte, so I'll be seeing lots more of them.  

And, finally, the real reason I haven't blogged in a while:

"It's not your turn yet.  Meow!"



  1. Sonja is a mouse hog.

    I met a cat yesterday who has CATaracts and glaucoma. Did you know cats can have those? News to me.

  2. OH and the apartment sounds great!

    And, did you always have word verification? Maybe I should have myself checked for cataracts.

  3. Your blog sounds uplifting and positive -- love it! Hope to see some of your mandala cards, if you have photographed them. Yes, great idea on the coloring book. Have a great time in Seattle.

  4. Your new apartment looks fabulous! Let me know how your friend's knee recovery friend goes in for double replacement in July. I am in Madrid dry camping in a parking lot. Life is good.

  5. Roxanne, I did not know cats can have cataracts and glaucoma, but I used to have an Airedale terrier that had cataracts. She still wanted to play Frisbee even though she could no longer see it, and she could still catch it most of the time. We had to be careful to choose wide open spaces for Frisbee, though. Otherwise she would bonk her head on swing sets and such. This was in the pre-YouTube era. A video of this happening would go viral. Bonk!

    I did not choose to have word verification on my blog. Is there a way to choose to NOT have it?

    Lise, I will photograph some of my cards for another blog entry. I'm on the horns of a dilemma about my blog. I used to have a separate art blog a few years ago, but I started this travel blog when I was getting the Guppy ready to hit the road in late 2010. Now I am doing more artwork than traveling. Maybe I will just rename this one and start writing more about art? I'd appreciate suggestions.

    Chris, my friend is already doing extremely well less than two weeks after surgery. She has already been out on a few short photography trips. Working out so much before surgery really paved the way for a good recovery.

  6. Apartment looks great! It was fun to meet up in T or C and also at Elephant Butte! Good luck in your new digs.

  7. Nice looking apartment - something to think about when I decide to stop traveling. That's a really good location. I've always wanted to live over a store in New York City, but I think the warm weather would be better. I haven't been to T or C yet, but when I do, I hope you're there so we can GTG. :)

  8. Was wondering what the name of the blue color is? Really like it... I too have always thought it would be fun to live in an apt. like that. Enjoy.... We really enjoy our visits to T & C.

  9. The turquoise door, Kelly? The colors in this apartment are great--all white walls, sea green woodwork, and then these great doors. There are already black tab curtains on the windows which are great for keeping out the light from street lights.

    This is the second time in my life I've lived in an apartment above a store on the main street of a small town. I love it! It's a great contrast to the very quiet winter I spent in Why, Arizona.

  10. Love the door color, when we went to the paint store in Wickenberg to pick out a blue southwest style color...oh my...soooo many shades of blue...