Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Trip to Seattle

The view from my Truth or Consequences apartment at Oh-Dark-Thirty on the day I left for Seattle

I've been in Seattle for almost two weeks.  My best friend, Helen, is recovering from knee surgery.  I knew her dad would be staying with her when she first got out of the hospital, but I thought she might still need a cook/chauffeur for a while.  It's been working out pretty great.  Helen wasn't driving until just a few days ago, so I took her to a few medical appointments and did the grocery shopping.  

Sly--the blue was brand-new on the day I took this photo!  

I've also had use of Helen's car throughout my visit, and this has facilitated being able to spend time with my son Sly and also do a lot of thrift store shopping to lay in some eBay inventory.  I've gotten to see the transitional housing residence where Sly is staying, the FareStart cafe where he's in a barista training program, and the Recovery Cafe where he enjoys hanging out.   For a young person who became homeless a few months ago, Sly is doing very, very well.  He's keeping busy with productive things and has a good start at being clean and sober.  

This elephant is a Seattle icon, and if you look closely, you will see he occupies Wall Street

I've shopped thrift stores from Renton, the town south of Seattle where Boeing has a huge facility, all the way up to Lynnwood, north of Seattle.  I've been very careful to buy small things that I can take back home with me, plus I've purchased some luggage to get the stuff home.  I've found some pretty great stuff and could have bought a heck of a lot more if there weren't airplanes involved in this buying trip.  Seattle is a fabulous town for thrift store shopping.

Me, at a differently-abled street crossing
 I got to spend Mother's Day with Sly.  We drove to a county park on Camano Island and had a picnic.  We'll probably do something similar tomorrow, depending on the weather.  Clouds and rain are predicted, so we may not see the big solar eclipse.  

Another highlight of my trip was spending time with my friend Chris, who picked me up from the airport on my arrival.  I also got to see her for dinner a few nights ago.  I reconnected with lots of old friends at Freedom, which had been my AA home group for nearly 20 years before I left this area, and I visited with Janet Still, my former pottery and sculpture teacher. 
I head back to New Mexico "at the buttcrack of dawn," as Helen says, on Tuesday.  She'll be able to drive me to the airport!  It's been a relaxing trip, and I'm ready to get back to work at my various ventures in New Mexico.

Kinda scary, eh?  I think he still wants to be a T-Rex when he grows up


  1. Great time had! Very cool. Sly is looking good and it is good to know he is on a positive path...
    I may miss you since I am leaving on Tuesday but have a safe trip and glad you are well and happy...

  2. It sounds like Sly is getting established in good places and rewarding routines. Do you feel good about what's going on?

  3. Thanks for the positive comments, Lise and all.

    Brian, I am so sorry I will miss seeing you upon my return. I understand you'll be gone for quite a while. Safe travels and stay in touch!

    Metta, I'm looking forward to finding out what's going on with you. See you soon.

    Roxanne, I was feeling very good about the direction Sly is going in until a few days ago. I'm less sure about some of his more recent decisions and actions--but there is not much I can do about it. He is on his own path, as each of us is.

  4. Welcome back to NM Sue! Glad you had a good trip and that your friend is on the mend.....kudos on thrift store finds, I rarely can find items to resell anymore, not like the olden days. You have such a healthy attitude regarding your son's path, good for you! Must be the program, I know it saved my life (alanon in my case). I am in Navajo Lake SP for 3 weeks and lovin' it. I don't know what is going on with Metta, but tell her they are looking for a camp host up here!

  5. When you're away for a while it makes visiting home that much more fun. Also makes it nice to leave when you have a new home to go to, huh?

    So glad you had a good time! Idk about the blue for Sly though... I'm thinking it needs a hint of violet too!