Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Atlanta in the Springtime

(Sonja, Explorer of Boxes, Large and Small)

Great news! I've lined up a petsitting gig outside of Atlanta, mid-May through early June. It's at an eco-village type community called Serenbe, dubbed the "Sonoma of the New South" by the New York Times. I can't wait! The setting is beautiful, the community is close-knit, and there's lots of culture, an organic farm, restaurants and a weekly farmers/artists market. I'll be taking care of some large active dogs and a couple of cats in my client's home. My own kitty, Sonja, will stay in my motorhome, very near the house, where I can visit her several times a day.

I hadn't actually planned to go as far east as Atlanta in 2011, but this is a fun (and paid!) opportunity, and it may well lead to similar gigs in the future.

My other piece of good news today is that I was able to very quickly liquidate my entire inventory of antiques by selling them to another antique dealer. I didn't get much money for my stuff, but the guy is going to take everything out of the antique mall space that I was renting, so I don't have to! This is a huge time-saver, because I was anticipating having to box everything up and take it to another venue, such as the local flea market, to try one last time to sell it before I start my travels. So, one more item is now checked off of my "get out of town" list.


  1. It sounds like you have a good gig. That's great news about the guy buyer your antiques.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  2. Very cool news about both the pet-sitting and antiques! That really must be a relief to not have that sitting over you now :) The eco-village sounds very cool! Hope it is even better for you than it sounds!

    Sonja is adorable!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. I've been following some of your posts on vandwelling. I also live in Atlanta (on the North Side). If you are looking for a meet-up, I plan to go to the North Georgia GTG on 5/6.