Thursday, December 9, 2010

Found a Carpenter to Remodel My Rig!

I'm so friend Trudy that I got to see over the weekend at the flea market got me connected with her daughter's former partner.

Eric is currently unemployed and he's a very talented carpenter. He's going to yank the old furniture out of my Dolphin and build in the more practical furniture and storage that I have in mind. This should give me adequate workspace and storage for the various functions I'll want to carry on in my motorhome, some of which require some counter space, such as photographing things I'm selling on eBay or cutting fabric for a sewing project.

Erik has all-around remodeling experience, not just carpentry, so he's going to tear out my carpet and put in a tile floor. I'm so excited about this!

Erik has a great understanding of what I need, and he is doing some drawings that we'll go over this weekend. Then my motorhome will be with him for a couple of weeks while he makes these changes. I should have the Dolphin in time to make a practice trip before I actually head out and start living full-time in the motorhome in mid-January.

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  1. I know Erik, all Erik's are great at their jobs! Ok, I don't really know your Erik but since he has my name he must be good!

    I hope it all turned out great, I'll keep reading to find out... click..