Saturday, December 4, 2010

Packed Up the RV!

Yes, I packed up the Toyota Dolphin yesterday. I wish I could say it was because I'm ready to hit the road and head south to warmer climes! However, I was only packing up the motorhome with stuff that I took to the flea market to sell this weekend.

It was great, though, to use a vehicle that could carry so much stuff. It made me realize that, with some remodeling, my rig will be adequate for my full-time living and working needs. I packed it up today with waaaaay more stuff than I intend to bring with me on my travels.

Planning for the flea market this week has really helped me shape up ideas about how to continue getting rid of stuff. Since it wasn't practical for me to haul furniture over to the flea market, I realize I'll need to have a moving sale before I leave town. I'll plan on doing that after Christmas, maybe in early January, and then hit the road. I'm planning to put in my notice on my rental house for January 15th.

What's making this all possible is my great kid. Sly is very excited about going to college, starting in early January and will be looking for a place to live immediately.

I had the greatest thing happen to me at the flea market today. I unexpectedly saw a friend who I'd met this past summer, also at the flea market. We have an uncanny amount in common. It almost got spooky today when Trudy told me that she, too, has a 1980s Toyota Dolphin and will also be heading south sometime in January. So now we have each other for support and encouragement, both as we get ready to head out and once we get on the road. We also share a lot of interests in doing artwork and selling I'm sure we'll want to hit a few of the same art fairs and so on. Yay! Watch out for the Dolphin Chicks from Eugene! (Here is where I should have a great picture of Trudy and me...maybe I can get that at the flea market tomorrow.)

Today was a successful day at the flea market. I made my expenses for the weekend by lunchtime and then I was going to start making some traveling money after that. However, the sales pretty much dried up in the afternoon when the Civil War started (University of Oregon vs. Oregon State). Tomorrow should be better, and it will be all money I can tuck away for my travels.

Yes, of course the Ducks won!

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  1. I just signed up to follow your blog. It's always great to have somebody who is going along the same path and can help with insights and ideas. Of course the blog helps as well!

    Have you tried yet? Great place for help while on the road or preparing for life on the road.

    Good luck!