Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dolphin is Gutted!

Here is the living room/dining room area of my 1983 Toyota Dolphin motorhome, gutted by my carpenter friend, Eric. As you can see, there are some floor-level cabinets on the left that still have to come out. On the right is the water tank and some other mechanical stuff. So Erik will have to build over these two obstacles with the new built-in furniture, but he is very creative!

Erik is going to put down cork flooring, which he got a deal on because we selected a pattern that was clearance-priced, with only 100 sf left--just about the amount we needed. Eric selected birch plywood for the furniture he'll be building.

Here's the left side of the Dolphin, which used to have a couch/convertible bed built over the cabinets that still need to come out. Eric is going to re-route the plumbing so the pipes run right along the wall. Then he can remove these cabinets and start building a new restaurant-style booth and table. The bench seats will have storage underneath, and the table will drop down onto the seats to convert into an extra bed for when I have a friend or family member visiting me.

Here's a better look at the right side, where the big work bench will be built over the water tank. I sell vintage scarves and other textiles on eBay, and there will be room under the work table for Rubbermaid bins that will contain my work stuff and hobbies.

The motorhome seems so much bigger with the built-ins gone, and I am hoping that Eric can preserve the sense of openness.

In addition to building tables and storage, Eric is going to build in a ladder and bed rail. It should look really shipshape when he's done!

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