Friday, September 5, 2014

New Knee, New Toad, New Art

 Sonja and a bag of frozen peas, giving my surgical knee comfort 

Another month without a blog post, but this time I have a huge reason why:  I had a total knee replacement in late July.  That's the reason we moved to Tucson for the summer, and now most of what I needed to accomplish here has happened, and I'm just about ready to move on.

I spent three nights in the hospital and then two weeks in a rehab facility where I got PT, OT and speech therapy nearly every day.  (I didn't know I needed speech therapy, but I'd been living with chronic pain for years, and that took a toll on my memory and information processing skills.)  I've been back home in my motorhome for three weeks today.

I wish I could say it's been a steady recovery, but realistically there are steps forward and backward.  Fortunately more steps forward than backward.  

The trike I've coveted ever since I left Oregon in the Guppy in 2011!  Now mine!

I've been exercising using my new folding adult tricycle that I bought on sale at Camping World.  I can ride it a couple of times around the RV park, during the cooler parts of the morning or evening.  I'm also doing a lot of exercise in the RV park's pool, where I can flex and extend my knee easily in the water. 

The pool at South 40 RV Ranch in Tucson

I bought a Geo Tracker last fall to use as my tow car, but I have never felt very comfortable in it, so last week I bought a 2006 Chevrolet HHR which I will use as my toad instead.  I have too much arthritis to be comfortable in a really basic car.

My new toad, "Blue"

I am getting to where some days I can do some artwork again.  Here is the last painting I did before my surgery:

 Rain Dance, 24 x 24 inches, acrylic on canvas

And here is a work-in-progress that I've been doing since I got home:

Awesome Wonder, 24 x 36 inches, currently an acrylic painting, 
but it will become mixed-media
That's pretty much all the news for now.  I'm going to be heading back to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, in a few weeks and will spend the fall and part of the winter there.  I have two art shows coming up in TorC, and it will be fun to get back to where I have more of a social life.  


  1. Congratulations on your new knee! Must be quite a bit of work to get back to normal, but it will be so worth it not to have that pain. I love the new bike! Sounds like things are coming together again for you - good luck with the knee. :)

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Yes, things are settling down again for me. This last year has included the death of my mom and now this major surgery. I'm looking forward to a relatively peaceful fall and winter here in the Southwest, and then off for some more extensive travels come spring!

  2. JUst found your blog thru Me and My dog!! LOVE that you are doing such great art . I am also now full time and doing art. Are you feeling ebay is better than say etsy? I'll be following you from now on. Yeah and glad you have a new knee!!! (mine is killing me so I'm thinking I may be on the same path.)

    1. Thank you, Sheila. I sell my artwork in galleries, not online. I'm an online seller of vintage designer scarves. I use eBay for that, and I have very limited experience with Etsy. For what I sell, eBay seems to be the way to go.