Monday, December 6, 2010

Flea Market Success

I forgot to take the camera with me yesterday...too bad, I had a great time this weekend talking to other flea market vendors. I've actually gotten to know several of the folks a bit during this year in Eugene, even though I only sold at the flea market a couple of times myself. I did a lot of buying there this year, though.

The flea market vendor crowd are people who completely understand the desire to get in a motor home and follow the sun. As I mentioned in my last post, I reconnected with a friend who will be heading south in her own Toyota Dolphin about the same time as I am (we're aiming for mid-January). I got the feeling from talking to the savvy, independent women who sell at this flea market that many of them would like to join our convoy! I got a lot of tips about selling at flea markets and similar venues on my travels.

It wasn't a very busy weekend at the market, but I did pocket several hundred dollars to put away for my travels. And now I have a lot of stuff out of the house that is not going to go back in. The stuff that remains in the Dolphin today, after the flea market, will be either heading to my antique store space to be sold at blow-out prices or it will be donated to charity. Doing that sorting and emptying is the goal for the next day or two.

I'm getting to the point now that I can actually pack for my travels. I have several empty Rubbermaid totes and I'm starting to fill them by function: Art tote; sewing tote; eBay inventory tote; eBay shipping supplies tote, etc.

Now I really need to get the interior of my motorhome remodeled so it can accommodate my totes. I have a pretty doable plan, I just need someone to do the ripping out and building for me. Fortunately my flea market connections may yield up a reasonably priced carpenter son-in-law of a vendor...hoping to find out on that today!

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