Sunday, January 9, 2011

Month-End Departure Seems Promising

(The "Freedom" tattoo was my Christmas present to myself)

It looks like I might really get on the road at the end of January. I sure hope so!

On Friday the landlord who might rent a studio apartment to my kid was checking up on financial information, and they said to call on Monday, so that is looking very promising. That move would be a quick one--we've already figured out which furniture is going and so on. I bet it will take just a couple of hours.

My carpenter, Eric, removed the leaky windows, which are now at the glass shop for reglazing. He is drawing up the plans and will start building as soon as the glass is back in place in a couple of days. I can't wait to see the progress and take pictures. I told Eric that I'm getting really serious about leaving--that, in fact, I'm probably going to sell my bed and the rest of my furniture any day--so let's try to get this thing done in a week or two.

I'll also need to have some mechanical work done on my Dolphin before I leave, too. It needs shocks and I want to have a CTEK battery charger installed if there isn't already one in place. I didn't know to look for one of these when I first got the Dolphin, and now it's at Eric's house. I've been getting a lot of helpful information from friendly people online.

I just wish I knew someone who would walk me through everything I need to do, step by step, for example, when I stop for the night or when I'm going to boondock for a few days or whatever. I'm a real visual person, and I'm having a tough time understanding the technical information about batteries and converters and inverters, oh, my. Could somebody please just tell me which switches to flip and when? Just give me enough information so I won't mistakenly kill myself. Anything more is too complicated for this old broad--at least right now. Perhaps I will understand more as I get the chance to actually try out my rig.

I did have a friend come over to look at my furniture the other day--the antique dealer who took my business inventory off my hands a few weeks ago. He made a paltry offer, but that's okay. I haven't spent very much money for the furniture I have, and it's great that someone is willing to come take it away in one fell swoop. He's coming back to get the stuff in about 10 days.

In the meantime, there's still plenty of stuff for me to get rid of. I'm going to list some of my mosaic supplies on eBay, and I bet they will get bought right up! I've collected some marvelous stuff over the past few years--china, buttons, jewelry, mirrors, figurines, all kinds of fun stuff to glue onto other stuff.

So, I'm plugging away. I'm really looking forward, truly, to when there's nothing left in this little house except what I'll be bringing with me in The Guppy. I keep thinking about how my new living space is going to be about the size of my current kitchen, and I'm kind of in awe. I've always wanted to live simply, but I've complicated it by home ownership, wifery, and so on. Now is the time for me to just explore my options.


  1. love it! i perfect spot for a reminder.....

  2. I wish you luck in your travels and living in the same space as your kitchen. My wife and I are hoping to someday full time as well. We have a 3 story house to empty out, a full garage and a storage unit so it's going to take some time, but time we have!

    Have fun!